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Analyzing Over One Million Windshield Replacements from 2016

Posted by Chris Miller on 01 Jun, 2017


We at GTS love looking at data, finding trends, patterns, and interesting statistics. Recently, we analyzed over 1,000,000 windshield replacements that occurred in 2016 and thought we would share some of the results. 

The Top Ten Manufacturers

The first thing we looked at was who were the brands that had the largest number of replacements in 2016. We then narrowed that down to a top ten list. The usual suspects are all here but what we found surprising was that Ford was the clear leader with over 20,000 more replacements than the second and third place manufacturers, Toyota and Chevrolet respectively.

However, things change a little bit when you start to combine the top ten brands under their parent. GM has Chevrolet and GMC which equates to 192,885 replacements. Toyota combines with Subaru to total 195,252 replacements in 2016. Both edging out Ford within the top ten list.


Looking a Little Closer at Ford's Replacements

When we keep brands separate, Ford leads the packs for vehicles with replacements by an enormous margin. In fact, their vehicles alone account for more than 15% of all the replacements we analyzed.


The major factor behind this huge number of replacements? The F150. Almost 30% of the replacement for a Ford vehicle were for their incredibly popular truck. The F150 accounted for 51,713 of the 1,000,000+ replacements we analyzed. That may not seem like much but our data contained over 1,600 different models and the average number of replacements performed for any model was a little over 2,000. The F-150 had around 25 times more replacements than the average model in 2016.


The Most Popular Models

It's not all about the F-150, other vehicles 2016 had their windshields replaced too. We took the top 10 models by number replacements and organized them by class.


Also see our report on ADAS windshield replacements in 2016

Replacements by Specific Vehicle

We know the top brands, we know the top models and classifications, the last thing we wanted to see were the replacements being done on specific vehicles. Combing through our data one more time we identified vehicles grouped by year, make, and model that had the most replacements in 2016.


As expected the F150 is all over this list as well with the most popular version being the 2013 model.

Finally, one interesting note, even though mid-size vehicles far outpaced SUVs when we identified the top ten models, there is only one specific mid-size that occupies the list above, the 2015 Nissan Altima.

Do these numbers hold true for your shop? Do you find your business doing a lot of replacements of F150s, Wranglers, Escapes, Altimas, and Silverados? We're hoping to do a whole series using this and more replacement data, look for more article like this to drop throughout the summer.
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Chris Miller

Written by
Chris Miller

01 Jun, 2017