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Introducing The New LX Mobile

Posted by Chris Miller on 24 Jan, 2018


This Winter we are set to release a major new update to LX Mobile. This is not just a routine bug fixes and optimizations update. This is an entire overhaul of the app itself giving it a brand new look and feel while adding several exciting new features.

The Brand New Look


We have rebuilt LX Mobile from the ground up with an entirely new interface and appearance that looks like nothing else in the industry. The new LX Mobile is fast, modern, and incredibly easy to use. Everything a glass technician needs to stay organized and productive during their day will be there, clearly and logically presented within the app. 

Amazing New Features Built For Modern Glass Shops and Techs

Along with the new look and feel, LX Mobile comes with four incredible new features to help solve new problems facing the auto glass industry and help the modern day technician be as efficient as possible.

Want to see the new LX Mobile in action? Click Here to schedule a demo with our team.

The Dashboard


When a technician logs into LX Mobile, they will now see a dashboard that gives them a high-level overview of their entire day. They will be able to see the weather at their current location, work orders, and parts to pick up as well as the time of their next job and how soon they are expected to arrive.

The new dashboard will ensure techs know exactly what they need to do and where they need to be at all times without needing to check in constantly with their shop.

Pre and Post Vehicle Inspection


The new vehicle inspection functionality in LX Mobile helps technicians verify the condition of the vehicle before and after they complete their installation. The pre-installation checklist will guide technicians visually or in a step by step manner through each area of a customer's car to note any damage.

When the job is finished, LX Mobile will run the technician through the same checklist for the post-installation inspection. These forms will help avoid any conflicts or liability regarding damage after a job is completed.

ADAS Notification and Waiver


Just like our recent update to GlasPacLX, we have now added a notification and a waiver when performing ADAS windshield replacements. When you select parts for a job for an ADAS vehicle, LX Mobile will notify the technician of this fact and present a waiver for the customer to sign acknowledging the need for recalibration. The waiver that has been put together by GTS and verified by our legal team.

Parts Return

Parts Return2.png

With the new LX Mobile, technicians can now start the part return process right from the app without needing call the shop. Once the tech selects the parts for return, that information is sent automatically back to GlasPacLX to be finished at the shop.


Multi-Device CompatibilityParts Return1_iphonexspacegrey_portrait.png

The LX Mobile is made for everyone and the app will no longer be restricted to just Android. When the latest version of LX Mobile launches, it will be available for all iOS devices as well. 

Neither technicians nor shops will be forced to pick one device to make LX Mobile work for them. This new version will allow you to run Android, iOS, or even a mix of both under the same account without any hiccups.

Learn More About The New LX Mobile

The new LX Mobile will be launching later this winter, but to get more information about it now, click the button below. Our sales team will get in touch with you to give you a walkthrough of the new app and a free 30-day trial when the new LX Mobile launches.

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Chris Miller

Written by
Chris Miller

24 Jan, 2018