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Shapes in GlasPacLX Makes Complex Glass Simple

Posted by Chris Miller on 24 Mar, 2017

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In version 7 of GlasPacLX, we released a new feature for flat glass shops called "Shapes." This new feature improves speed and accuracy of calculating estimates for fenestration jobs with complex glass shapes

What is Shapes

Shapes is a module in GlasPacLX that allows for the capturing and pricing of custom shapes of glass with complex dimensions. This was built primarily for special-order residential windows where there are various glass shapes that are not just simple squares or rectangles.

The Benefits of Using Shapes

Quoting irregular glass shapes such as arch-tops or gables can be an enormous pain, and require complex calculations. With Shapes, you can enter in complex dimensions or choose our pre-set non-square glass shapes and GlasPacLX will handle all of the estimations for you. 

In addition, if your business has an existing catalog of custom complex glass shapes, you can upload them into GlasPacLX to use on any order. That means no more carrying around custom product lists or relying on other antiquated methods to add custom glass to an order.

If you are working with a supplier, all the information you've gathered and shapes you've created for an estimate can be transferred automatically to a ready-to-send purchase order, eliminating the need for double entry. This greatly reduces the potential of order errors and saves tons of time. If your supplier also needs a companion sheet along with your order, this can be automatically generated by Shapes as well.

Using Shapes

There are two key functions of Shapes and we will cover both in this article. The first is applying a shape to an order. The second is customization or addition of your own shapes.

Applying a Shape to an Order

When you are applying a dimensional part to an order in GlasPacLX, there is now a drop-down where you can select a shape

Once you select a shape in the drop-down menu the dimensional option fields will change from simple length and width to the lengths of all sides of the shape that you selected that need measurement. You will also be able to add relevant notes in the CSR Notes field. The notes will print on the order companion sheet as well as a purchase order created from the work order.



Interested in learning more about Shapes and GlasPacLX for flat glass? Click here to see more features and to request a live demo. 

Creating and Customizing Shapes

The Shapes module comes loaded with 49 shapes ready to go out of the box, but you are able to add any of your own or customize any of the pre-existing shapes. This flexibility lets you create and store almost any glass shape and custom dimensional pricing. It's what makes this module so effective and help when you are performing a lot of installations of complex glass.


For every pre-loaded shape you can edit the following options:

  1. You can disable or enable the CSR Shape Notes. Unchecking this will simply remove the CSR notes line that would otherwise appear when this shape is selected on an order.
  2. Trim: These fields relate to the Inventory Control module in GlasPacLX. You can set the trim to account for glass loss beyond the mere cut of the shape. It does not affect the way the part appears on the order, it effects on-hand inventory only.
  3. Pricing: You can add pricing to each shape by % of Parent Part, flat amount, or both. You can also set a minimum pricing amount in the Min. Amt: field.


If you are unable to get exactly what you need from editing the existing catalog and would like to add a new shape you will have full control over the following options:

  1. The name of the new shape.
  2. How the module will calculate the area of this shape.
  3. The number of dimensions. GlasPacLX currently supports up to 6 dimensions.
  4. An image of the new shape for reference, this is optional. 

Shapes Makes Things Easier

With the addition of Shapes to GlasPacLX, we've drastically simplified the process of creating estimates for window installations with irregular glass. When using Shapes, all the complicated calculations, price lists, and product types are all managed for you within GlasPacLX. Creating accurate estimates in a timely manner is key to winning customers and jobs, with Shapes you can get a quote out in a fraction of the time with pinpoint accuracy.

Shapes is currently available for free for all of our customers on GlasPacLX version 7 or greater. If you are looking to learn more about this feature, check out our article in Knowledge Base. If you are looking to get your free upgrade to version 7 of GlasPacLX, contact us at support@gtsservices.com

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Chris Miller

Written by
Chris Miller

24 Mar, 2017