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GTS Product News Feb 2016: Touchpoint

Posted by Chris Miller on 29 Feb, 2016


Introducing Touchpoint - powered by UpdatePromise.com® - our new premium customer messaging add-on for GlasPacLX. This new add-on will allow you to send appointment reminders, job updates, and follow-ups automatically to your customers. Touchpoint will minimize the time spent on administrative tasks and lead to increased customer satisfaction and revenue for your shop.

Touchpoint - Powered By UpdatePromise.com®

This new premium module for our customers comes by way of our integration partnership with Update Promise and offers three distinct features:

  1. Communication Plus
  2. Satisfaction Surveys
  3. Online Review Portal


1. Communication Plus

Communication Plus sends appointment reminders and repair statuses automatically to your customers via email or text message. The service can also send status updates; meaning if anything changes for a job, Communication Plus will take care of any customer notification that is required.

Responses and Escalations

Customers can also reply to any of the automated messages and trigger smart responses. For instance, if a customer sends a reply saying they can no longer make an appointment, Touchpoint will automatically work to reschedule. The service can also escalate a reply to a CSR or manager if it detects any issues that need immediate attention.

After the job is completed, Communication Plus will follow-up with a one question survey to ask the customer how well the job went.

Increase Your Shop's Productivity

It's been found that proactive updates can increase customer satisfaction by as much as 10%. On top of that, automated customer communication has been found to increase employee productivity by more than 30%. That’s an extra 2.5 hours per day for each tech in your shop, an equivalent of an extra 52 working hours per month. It’s like adding an extra week of productivity to every month for no extra labor costs.

Setup and Pricing

Communication Plus is set up on a per tech basis with a $50 monthly charge for each. Technicians will have their name, email address, and a unique ID within the Touchpoint system. This lets you track every message being sent for each tech.

When a tech has been set up, all messages sent through Communication Plus will show up for the customer as being from that technician.


Get a Demo of Communication Plus



2. Satisfaction Surveys

If you have read our blog article on the post sales process, you know that customer follow-ups are extremely important. Satisfaction Surveys in Touchpoint will make your post sales process and customer follow-ups a breeze. After an appointment, every customer will automatically be sent a multi-question survey that asks specific questions about your shop's performance.

Gather Customer Feedback

These customer feedback surveys are designed to reveal important information about your auto glass shop. They'll help you identify your most satisfied customers, what kind of jobs your shop does best, and where your business can improve (customer service, timeliness, etc.)

Better Customer Service and Satisfaction

Customer feedback is the only way to truly know the quality of your shop’s service. The only issue is that traditionally, customer feedback has been difficult to gather. Satisfaction Surveys in Touchpoint are an incredibly easy and straightforward way to gather the intel you need to make the right improvements to your shop to better serve the needs of your customers.

Pricing and Set-Up

Like Appointment Reminders, the Satisfaction Surveys feature of Touchpoint is set up and charged per tech. It costs $50/month for each technician you would like using the feature. 


Get a Demo of Satisfaction Surveys



3. Online Review Portal

It is almost impossible to overstate the importance of online customer reviews and Social Media in regards to sales. J.D Power and associates claim that 17% of vehicle owners use ratings and reviews from their online peers when selecting an auto glass shop. You can't let 17% (and growing) of your potential customers slip away because you don't have a place online for customer reviews.

The Online Review Portal in Touchpoint will automatically gather and post customer reviews of your shop online and on social media. 

Get Listed Online

AutoGlass Review is a website dedicated solely to auto glass shops. It helps customers find a shop in their area, read more about it, and check out its reviews. When you activate the Online Review Portal, it automatically builds a dedicated page on AutoGlass Review with your shop's information. People in your area will be able to find your business and check out all your awesome reviews from happy customers.

Grow Your Sales

When you complete a job, Touchpoint will reach out to that customer and ask them for a review, if it's positive, the service will post it to your listing on AutoGlass Review and your social media channels. This entire process is automated and all you'll see are the reviews from happy customers popping up online. Touchpoint makes it incredibly easy make shop more visible online and on Social Media.

Pricing and Plans

The Online Reviews Portal in Touchpoint is set up and charged on per location basis. Each shop set up with the Online Review Portal costs $50 per month. Every shop that you set up with this feature will get its own page on AutoGlass Review.

Get a Demo of the Online Review Portal 


Touchpoint - Powered By UpdatePromise.com®

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Chris Miller

Written by
Chris Miller

29 Feb, 2016