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Two Huge New Features Coming to GlasPacLX This Spring

Posted by Chris Miller on 21 Feb, 2017

March 2017 New Features.png

Coming this Spring, are two exciting new features for GlasPacLX that will help every auto glass business from small to large multi-shop operations.

If you received our road map back in the fall of 2016, click here to download a copy, you know we had two big new features planned for 2017, ADAS compliance forms and a probability calculator for replacement glass parts. Originally not slated to be done until the summer, these new features are now arriving in March. We are releasing both as part of a free update for all users of GlasPacLX 7.20 or greater. Read on for more information about the release and these new tools.

Glass Probability

If you work with vehicles that have several different replacement glass options, you know the difficulty in trying to nail down the correct part. In the past, we've offered RightGlass as a solution to this issue, but we recognized that this solution can be quite expensive and sometimes the vehicle you look up isn't covered. In response to this, we developed this new parts probability feature for GlasPacLX.




This new feature uses historical replacement data to help you identify the right replacement glass you'll need for an installation. Unlike RightGlass, it does not identify an exact piece of glass for a specific automobile. Instead, it shows how often each piece of replacement glass listed (both NAGS and OEM) has been used in past replacements for that vehicle type (make, model, style) and it covers every vehicle in our digital parts catalog. And the best part is, it's free for all users.

ADAS Compliance

We wrote an article for our blog recently about the impact ADAS is having on the auto glass industry. Now, we've updated GlasPacLX with new features to help your shop stay compliant and protected when replacing ADAS windshields.

The ADAS Flag

If you select an ADAS windshield in our digital parts catalog, LX will inform you with a pop-up notification. This notification will continue to appear until you select "Customer Informed" which helps ensure that you or your employees are letting customers know when your shop is replacing an ADAS windshield on their vehicle.



The ADAS Consent Form

Along with the flag, we've added an ADAS consent form to GlasPacLX for your customers to sign. This form simply asks the customer to acknowledge that their vehicle is equipped with ADAS and will require re-calibration after its windshield has been replaced. This is to protect your shop from liability if a customer that doesn't end up getting their system re-calibrated.

A Few Other Cool Things

In addition to these new features we are rolling out this spring, we've tweaked and enhanced a few other GlasPacLX modules. This includes significant changes to the inventory module to increase stability and resolve part count/cost discrepancy issues new functionality for LX Mobile. You can read about the changes to LX Mobile in a previous article here.

If you'd like to see all the changes and fixes we're adding GlasPacLX, we will be publishing the full release notes closer to the roll out of the update. As a reminder, if you are already on LX version 7.20 or above, you will automatically be upgraded to this new version with all of the new features ready to go.

If you haven't yet upgraded to the latest version of GlasPac, it's a totally free upgrade and now is definitely the time to do it. Send an email to support@gtsservices.com with the subject line "GlasPacLX Upgrade Request" and our team will get in touch with you to help you get upgraded.


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Chris Miller

Written by
Chris Miller

21 Feb, 2017